We specialize in developing tailored solutions for specific needs – whether this solution is a good old favorite or a new product, we will find it!

Our core competence is the development and design of specialised solutions. We turn a wish and a hand drawing into a custom 3D drawing of a product that fill the specific needs of the customer.



Whether it be a large or small project, we offer development and design of customized solutions – because if the solution does not already exist, we at Dansk Plast have dedicated employees who are specialized in finding it.

At Dansk Plast we make a point of ensuring that our customers have been given the best solution – whether it existed before we started the project or if we have developed it as a part of the project.

We deliver exceptional service to all our customers, from order to delivery. Therefore, we are specialized in turning an idea and a hand drawing into a 3D drawing and a finished product.



At Dansk Plast we offer total supply, because our experience tells us that a successful implementation of plastic components requires that all components are produced from the same standard.

Therefore, the result is often cheaper, better and delivered faster if you choose us as the exclusive supplier of total supplies. In doing so, we naturally take total responsibility, so that you, the customer, have only one responsible party.


Among the larges total supplies in Denmark, we can mention bridge projects; the one total supply was for the bridge project in Herningsholm, and the other was for the bridge project Holstebro-Aulum. 

Here we developed, produced, delivered and installed all plastic components on the projects.



Approved for drinking water

This certification is a fee funded scheme, which means that construction products in contact with drinking water must be tested, approved and labeled before it is legal to market and sell the product in Denmark.

Nordic Poly Mark

In Europe, has got the same product standards. This, combined with an almost identical building tradition in the Nordic countries has meant that Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland have agreed to introduce a common label for plastic products; Nordic Poly Mark.

To be approved by Nordic Poly Mark, the products must have the following certifications:

  • EN 12201
    This standard specifies general aspects of underground and above-ground PE pipes used for drinking water, untreated water, drainage and drainage under pressure, vacuum sewer systems and water for other purposes.
  • EN 1555
    This European standard specifies the characteristics of weld fittings made of polyethylene (PE) as well as mechanical fittings for piping the gas supply.
    It also specifies the test parameters for the testing methods referred to in this standard.


Butt welding – DS SBS 70-6

This approval makes a claim for control of welding equipment for butt welding of PE piping systems. Including requirements for equipment, personnel, monitoring and reporting.


To ensure our high standards and expectations for the quality of our employees’ work, all our employees have completed one or more of the following AMU courses.


  • Basic certificate
  • Extended butt, socket and electric welding
  • Extended hot air- and extruder welding
  • Gas
  • Installation
  • Survey


  • TIG
  • CO2
  • MAG