At Dansk Plast we are extremely proud of our work. Every day, we put a great effort into achieving our key goal of ensuring that all our customers are happy and satisfied. Therefore, it is a given that all our products are delivered on time and are of the highest quality.

We do not compromise 
We do not accept poor workmanship

We live by our four core values – QIJR – Quality, Innovation, Joy and Responsibility. It is the best way we know how to deliver the greatest products, have the best work ethics and the happiest customers.


”For the bridge project Herningsholm Å, we chose to partner up with Dansk Plast, as the total supplier of plastic supply and assembly in the contract – and we have by no means been disappointed.

One cannot say anything but that it is a pleasure to work with Dansk Plast. They fulfil their agreements, the work they do is professionally done, and it looks good – additionally, they are pleasant people to interact with. Therefore, we of course chose to use Dansk Plast in our next bridge project: Store Å.

I can only send my best recommendations and highest praise towards Dansk Plast.”

Alex Dahl Kristensen
Alex Dahl KristensenForeman, Jorton A/S

“We chose to work with Dansk Plast, because when we looked around in the Nordic region; thus Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, we found that Dansk Plast have the most practical experience with this kind of work. It is important that you have the skills to perform such work. We therefore thought that Dansk Plast would be a good partner.

What Dansk Plast does especially well, unlike others of these kinds of assembly and installation companies, is that they see solutions that turn our wishes into functional products. It is a specific competence they have.

We will always recommend Dansk Plast.”

Pontus Nikola
Pontus NikolaProject manager, Fifax