Paneltim is a unique patent that we use for a myriad of different constructions, for a range of different industries. In fact, there are few limits to what we are able to develop and produce in Paneltim, among other: flush tanks, mixing tanks for drilling-mud and water tanks in all possible sizes.

We have already developed products in Paneltim for a number of industries, among other: contractors, well drillers, aqua culture, water utility plants and biogas plants. At Dansk Plast we are especially good at thinking outside the box and creating new solutions for traditional needs.

We use Paneltim because it is low in weight, but still has a high level of stiffness and rigidity. The almost completely hollow core enables an entire structure to float on water. Finally, it is easy to manipulate – i.e. cutting / welding / drilling.

With all these benefits without having to compromise on quality and competitive pricing, we simply cannot help but to use Paneltim.



In the pictures you can see a steam trap, we have supplied for a biogas plant in 2016.

At Dansk Plast we will not be intimidated by the size or scope of the projects that lands on our desk.

By developing a steam trap in Paneltim, we see ourselves as slightly cutting edge for several reasons. First, the process from drawing to having a finished product simplified by the fact that Paneltim is easier to manipulate than many other products. Second, the resilience of the design, made it so that the steam trap required very little reinforcement in order to be able to withstand the pressure of a burial. Thirdly, it is a lot lighter than the traditional steam traps and is therefore surprisingly easy to handle in transport.



… to the kinds of tanks we can produce in Paneltim; mixing tanks for drilling mud, various flush tanks, water tanks and so on. We have yet to encounter a need for a tank that we have not been able to develop a solution for and subsequently manufacture.