As indicated in the title, we produce wells in polyethylene (PE). Some of these wells are used for drainage and water supply in various forms, such as pumping stations, sand traps and meter wells.

These wells are delivered fully assembled, ready for burial and connection. The flexibility in the production of our wells means that each well can be tailored to fill each project requirements.

To ensure the highest quality on all our wells, we only use PE of the very highest quality. Moreover, we have made sure that the wells used for water supply is equipped with the ‘Approved for Drinking Water’ mark and/or an EN 12201 certification, depending on its application.



We develop customized underground wastewater treatment plants, that transports sewage water. 

There are several advantages of having an underground wastewater treatment plant; the first one being the masking of the smell. Another one is that you can sow grass on top of it, making it so that it can’t be seen. For these kinds for projects, we supply pumping stations in PE, making it a long-lasting and dependable well, with very low maintenance. For the manufacture of pumping stations, we only use EN 12201-certified plastic of the highest quality.


In addition to providing pumping stations for underground wastewater treatment plants, we supply custom produced section wells. With PE as our preferred material, we ensure our customers EN 12201-certified section wells that are long-lasting and virtually maintenance free.


We design and produce sand traps in all sizes and for projects of any scale. We ensure that this flow well is made of EN 12201-certified plastic of the highest quality, so that our customers receive the most efficient, durable and reliable sand trap.





Just like developing and manufacturing sewage wells, we also produce PE-wells for water supply. These wells, like the sewage wells, are used in both private businesses, homes and public institutions. We design and manufacture, among other; meter wells, underground water supply, wells with backflow protection and wells with pressure reduction.

The flexibility of our manufacturing methods makes it possible to tailor our water supply wells in both size, functionality and appearance for each project and task.


PE-wells for water supply, like sewage, are usually based on a customized development of a tailored solutions. Among other things, we develop and manufacture, underground waterworks, as a natural counterpart to our underground water treatment plants. Another special order could be a meter well, having a culvert with a meter to measure the amount of water passing.